Sunday, June 29, 2008

Manny Pacquiao WON!!!

Manny Pacquiao Won over David Diaz on round 9 by K.O. Their Boxing match is now over, and concluded. During the match, it is clear that manny used his right paw to Defeat diaz since Diaz is also a south paw. Very well played boxing match indeed.

Boxing Round 9 - Diaz falls, Manny Pacquiao wins

Boxing Round 8 - Pacquiao took down soft shots and followed up with physically powerful punches to the head and body of Diaz, who visibly is a sturdy lightweight.

Boxing Round 7 - Pacquiao continued his supremacy of the fight by connecting punches to head of Diaz.

Boxing Round 6 - Diaz again tried to pressure Pacquiao in the sixth round only to receive more punishment.

Boxing Round 5- Pacquiao threw jabs at Diaz and continued his persistent attack. Diaz’s cut over his right eye got bigger.

Boxing Round 4 - The two southpaws exchanged blows but Pacquiao kept seizing upon on Diaz with a flurry of left and right punches.

Boxing Round 3 - Diaz started Round 3 with a combination, but Pacquiao returned the favor. Manny continued to land power shots on Diaz, who stood his ground all the way through.

Boxing Round 2 - Pacquiao landed numerous punches on the body and head of Diaz, who finally suffered a cut on the nose. Round 2 was entirely Pacquiao’s.

Boxing Round 1 - Pacquiao threw the first punch and traded punches with Diaz, who tried to put the pressure on the Pacman. Manny occasionally unleashed his one-two combination and dictated the tempo.

Manny Pacquiao Won!